Trees are one of the few things in this world which we can enjoy after their lifespan of colorful blossoms, shady leaves, tasty fruits and nuts, and autumn color has ended. Because of the perceptive mind and skilled hands of talented craftpersons, we can enjoy a tree's rebirth as a work of art.


Art Fair Announcement

Thanks to all who visited one of my art fairs over the past decade and supported me with a purchase or kind words!

I have retired from doing art fairs. I continue to work on some rather artistic pieces and will feature them on this website when they are finished.


Gallery of Recent Works


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American Woodturner Articles

AAW birds article

AAW toy article

AAW yoyo article

The American Association of Woodturners has published three of my articles including birds, yo-yo's and my grandkids's toys. The articles appear in the American Woodturner journal December 2016, August 2017, and April 2018 issues. Accompaning videos can be found here: Pull Toys. or Yo-Yo's. or Birds. If you have questions or comments on the articles, please write me on my contact page. If you are a woodturner or are interested in wood turning, then I encourage you to visit the AAW website and see the many offerings that are available to inspire you in your craft. If you're not yet a member, then please consider joining.




Wooden Jewelry Collaboration

and Upcycled Jewelry


Julie Marie and I have collaborated for several years in creating unique wooden jewelry that she embellishes with well chosen beads, chains and other materials. She also creates and exhibits her own line of upcycled jewelry. Please visit her website and Etsy store, Eclectic Redesigns. You can also see her collection on Pinterest